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Enchain is a retro-themed first-person shooter prototype that offers open environments and fast action supported by grapple hooking mechanics.

You've been called upon to rise from the depths and dominate the underworld; however, as you kill the fiends in your path, their souls become chained to your burden, slowing you down and restraining your options. Gain and release souls to prevail.


  • WSAD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Look
  • LMouse - Fire
  • RMouse - Grapple
  • TAB - View Burden
  • Number Keys (1-5) - Release Burden
  • -/+ - Mouse Sensitivity
  • Escape - Pause
  • R - Restart at Checkpoint

Originially developed for Ludum Dare 40 in under 72 hours. Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"

DEVLOG [GameJolt]


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Enchain [Win] 28 MB
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Enchain [Lin] 40 MB
Enchain (Bugged) [Win] 15 MB


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Love it

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

How are you supposed to beat Level 1? I get to the big ball of light at the end but I touch it and nothing happens. Plz help. Overall though a very cool and fun game to play and runs smooth in browser and downloaded.

It must be a bug I missed, thanks for commenting. I might have changed something last minute that broke that trigger, but you should still be able to move on to Lvl 2 if you haven't. Glad you enjoyed!


The game's mechanics and controls are very neat, it was a fun but short experience, hope to see more stuff like that~!


Could you please add more to the game just for fun? Because I think it's amazing!


fluent controls, nice pixel effect, awesome game!