Enchain is a retro-themed FPS that offers open environments and fast action supported by grapple hooking mechanics.

The version above is a very early demo. Full release is currently in development.

See the DEVLOG for progress updates

Standalone download recommended for best performance.

You've been called upon to rise from the depths and dominate the underworld; however, as you kill the fiends in your path, their souls become chained to your burden, slowing you down and restraining your options. Gain and release souls to prevail.


  • WSAD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Look
  • LMouse - Fire
  • RMouse - Grapple
  • TAB - View Burden
  • Number Keys (1-5) - Release Burden
  • -/+ - Mouse Sensitivity
  • Escape - Pause
  • R - Restart at Checkpoint

Originially developed for Ludum Dare 40 in under 72 hours. Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"

Development updates:

[07/27/19] Slow motion

[08/04/18] Explosive barrels

[07/14/18] Testing a rocket launcher

[04/07/18] First look at zombie enemies


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Enchain Prototype [Win] 28 MB
Enchain Prototype [Mac] 36 MB
Enchain Prototype [Lin] 40 MB
Enchain (Original) [Win] 15 MB

Development log


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your game is freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!! it looks like duke nukem 3D!!!!

needs sensitivity setting

In levels you should be able to use + and - on the keyboard to change sensitivity.


i really like the grappling and the gun is amazing, there isn't much to do unfortunately. i am using a mac, is there more on the other platforms or something? 

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I am addicted to this game, I have beaten it many times (lacking in 1 secret on level 2) and it never gets old. once you get a feel for the game, and understand it you can speed through it fast, its fun af CANT WAIT FOR FULL RELEASE! KEEP IT UP MAN X3


Please add the ability to invert the mouse Y axis. Push-to-pitch-down is engraved so deeply into my muscle memory that I just can't play the other way.


This is an awesome game!  I especially love the fact that the grappling hook is one of the primary mechanics, which isn't seen in many games nowadays.


Wow this is a great game, I'm so lucky to have found this gem on itch.io for free. I made sure and got all the secrets and even did a no death run through all the levels, great job can't wait for a full release, keep up the good work.

(I am fully prepared to pay money for a full release)


Wow, I'm super glad you liked it! Full release is still in the works.

where did you find the last secret on on level 2? I have gone over it all (probably a exaggeration) and cant find it, i found the one by the Green devils, and the one by the one by the blue devil, wheres the third?

(same, iv got my eye out waiting...and wanting)




what is the song called


Love it

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How are you supposed to beat Level 1? I get to the big ball of light at the end but I touch it and nothing happens. Plz help. Overall though a very cool and fun game to play and runs smooth in browser and downloaded.

It must be a bug I missed, thanks for commenting. I might have changed something last minute that broke that trigger, but you should still be able to move on to Lvl 2 if you haven't. Glad you enjoyed!


The game's mechanics and controls are very neat, it was a fun but short experience, hope to see more stuff like that~!


Could you please add more to the game just for fun? Because I think it's amazing!


fluent controls, nice pixel effect, awesome game!