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This game has a lot of potential and i would love to help improve it here are some suggestions:

1:More wepons

2:Better aiming systems such as the carbine

3:Bigger/more maps 


5:honestly idk!

Honestly this is all that's missing!I know that it will be a lot of work to add those as well as other suggestions;but hope to see them in the future!


rlly fun

*loads online version* me: why not *lag hits* me: HOLY SHI...


I really have a lot of fun playing this game with my friends. Just add some more weapons and I could feel more variety.


Are you still working on this game?

Somewhat, I haven't had much free time and I've been occupied with my Ludum Dare 37 game.


revolvers+1 health+infinite ammo= HIGH NOON


looks great! cant wait to join in :D


Can't load. I get an error message saying something about too much data being allocated that webgl can handle

I believe it depends on the browser you're using, how much memory is allowed to that browser, and how well your computer can handle running the game. I use the game on Chrome pretty well and I just tested it on Firefox. If those browsers don't work you can always download the standalone version which does not have the limitations of a browser.


Also PLEASE save your weapon load out to Player Prefs or something so you don't have to keep picking what you want each time.


I played a 6 player deathmatch and it was a blast! Please consider performance with lots of players on super-potato computers, it sometimes lags. Can't wait for the next version!

Thanks! I didn't check until now, but the tips help!


Good game but no one online :(

Sadly yeah, that's usually the case, I suggest bringing some friends until there's more players :)

I will try to schedule some events during the week